Buying vs. Renting in Retirement

The decision of whether to buy or rent a home is one you’ll be faced with through many phases of life, but perhaps the most confusing phase is that of retirement. For those who have owned a home for decades, the idea of renting can seem foreign, even if it offers benefits. For those who were always accustomed to renting but may be ready to ... More

Four Signs You’re Truly Ready To Buy A Home

Let’s face it – it’s fun to dream about the future and your perfect first home, but actually taking this momentous financial step will likely to be one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make. It can also be an extremely daunting and stressful process for some prospective buyers – especially those who aren’t quite ready to take ... More

What To Know Before Applying For a Second Mortgage

A second mortgage usually refers to an additional home loan on the same property on which you already have one mortgage. If you own a home and find yourself in need of an infusion of cash – say, to pay for a wedding or unexpected medical expenses – a second mortgage may be the right tool for you.  As with any financial scenario, each ... More

Ask This Question When Buying a New Construction Home

Since 2015, sales of new construction homes have been surging at incredible rates. Likewise, builders are working to keep up with the increased demand by producing new construction options more quickly than ever. Of course, with an increase in demand comes an increase in price. In 2016, the average cost of a brand new home was $351,000. ... More

The Benefits of Online Auto Loans

Many consumers require a loan in order to purchase an automobile, and there are several options available. All too often, consumers fall in love with a vehicle and blindly trust that the dealership is offering the best financing available. Just like a car, an auto loan is another product the dealer is selling, and the Consumer Federation of ... More

Is a Cash-Out Refinance Right For You?

Homeowners looking to refinance their mortgage loans are generally hoping for one of two benefits: a lower interest rate and lower monthly payments, or a large sum of cash in-hand. If an influx of spendable dollars is what you most need, a cash-out refinance may be the optimal tool for you. In essence, a cash-out refi allows you to tap ... More

Debt Collection 101

Many consumers face calls from debt collectors from time to time. It can happen easily when life gets hectic and a bill accidentally goes unpaid. If your payment is more than 30 days past due, however, you may be turned over to a debt collection agency to collect payment and close the account. Don’t panic if this happens – you still have ... More

Stop Making These Harmful Credit Mistakes Before You Apply For a Mortgage

If you’re thinking of buying a home, you likely know how important a strong credit score will be. Mortgage lenders use this all-important number as the key indicator of your financial health. In fact, a less-than-stellar credit score can make or break your ability to qualify for a mortgage and buy the home of your dreams. So, how do you ... More

Many Homeowners See Refinancing as a Daunting Process

Refinancing can offer a host of benefits to a homeowner, but research shows many view the process as confusing and choose to put off looking into it. Although refinancing does require several steps, it doesn’t have to be daunting. And for many homeowners, a refinance can mean lower monthly payments, a speedier payoff – or even both. ... More

How To Conquer the Challenge of Saving For A Down Payment

Do you dream of buying a home but find yourself feeling defeated by the struggle to save enough for a down payment? If so, you’re not alone. Under current economic conditions, the days of a 20 percent down payment are long gone, and many Americans struggle to save even 5 percent of their dream home’s purchase price. Many find themselves ... More