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Redfin Offers Tax Tips for Home Sellers

Redfin writer Scott Kelly shared a new blog post on Tuesday, providing home sellers with a set of four tips to keep in mind, now that tax season is upon us. In the post, Kelly urges sellers to make sure you don’t owe capital gains tax, and if you do, be sure to calculate your cost basis. In addition, if you’re moving for a new job, you ... More

Small Houses, Big Prices in Palo Alto, Calif.

According to CNBC, Palo Alto, California, is considered one of the most highly sought-after communities in the San Francisco Bay area. That, of course, means there’s a huge demand for homes and a fairly low inventory, leading to small houses more aptly defined as bungalows selling for millions of dollars. In one concrete example, a ... More

National Association of Realtors Reveals Most and Least Popular Closing Dates in 2014

In a new blog post published by the National Association of Realtors, director of housing statistics Danielle Hale and data analyst Hua Zhong outlined the year’s most and least popular closing dates in 2014. First, the two experts revealed that Fridays and the last business day of the month were the most popular days, with Monday, June ... More

Tax Tips for First-Time Homebuyers

With tax season upon us, Redfin has just released a series of tips to help out first-time homebuyers when filing their tax returns for 2014. According to the real estate news site, the main thing to keep in mind is that you may want to itemize your deductions. “For many non-homeowners, the standard deduction is a no-brainer – it’s ... More

Increase in Available Rental Units Likely to Slow Down Rent Growth

There’s good news on the horizon for renters: As the number of available rental units continues to the increase, the rate of rent growth is likely to slow down. “Although an improving labor market with more jobs and faster wage growth should provide landlords with more leverage to increase rents, over time this will be stymied by the ... More

Housing Market in 2015: Mostly Optimistic, with One Cause for Concern

According to NPR, housing experts expect 2015 to be mostly positive on the home-buying front, though there is one cause for concern. The news source says that, thanks to lower unemployment rates, lower housing prices, higher rents and an entire generation (millennials) ready to move out of their parents’ homes, the housing market is ... More

Refinancing Could Save Your Home

Rates are currently at an all time low, but most homeowners do not even apply to refinance their home. Close to 20% of homeowners pay interest rates of 8% or higher. This is double the current rate. Millions could save a lot of money by refinancing now. Image via Instagram/edgerealtyri Continue to original source   More

Funding Retirement With Your Home

"Your home can be used to give your retirement savings a quick and significant boost. But each of these ways of tapping your home equity also comes with potential pitfalls. Here's how your home can help you to pay for retirement. Pay off your mortgage. Owing a home mortgage-free eliminates one of your biggest monthly bills. While you will ... More

Obama Expected to Sign Tax Break Bill for Some Homeowners

On Tuesday, Congress elected to extend several expired “temporary” tax breaks for 2014, and included in there are a couple of deductions for select homeowners. First, homeowners paying mortgage insurance premiums will be able to deduct he cost of the their premiums if they itemize their deductions. And anyone who has foreclosed on a ... More

Millennials Can Afford to Buy – Just Not Where They Live

In a new report by the Washington Post, it has been found that many millennials could afford to buy a home right now – just not in the cities where they currently live. Many young people tend to gravitate toward certain cities, like San Francisco, New York and Austin. The bad news, though, is that those are among the 10 least affordable ... More