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Protect Yourself Against Rent-to-Own Scams

Rent-to-own transactions are a completely legitimate, legal way to purchase a home. However, as in any industry, you may encounter a few bad actors in your search for your dream home. Protect yourself by implementing the following three methods for guarding against real estate fraud in the rent-to-own business. Don’t Pay Cash A common ... More

Buyers and Sellers Find Benefits With Rent-To-Own Home Sales

As more consumers pursue the American dream – and more sellers look for alternative ways to offload their properties – the concept of rent-to-own home sales has grown in popularity. Though it comes as a surprise to some, this method of property sale offers benefits for both buyers and sellers. Buyers who are drawn to a rent-to-own ... More

Five Features of Fast-Selling Homes

If you’re considering selling your home, it’s worthwhile to understand what buyers want in today’s market. New research from Zillow suggests that five key features – and direct mentions of them in your home’s listing description – could help you offload your home a full 30 days faster than average. Zillow studied more than two ... More

Four Home Ownership Surprises to Prepare For

For all the sarcastic talk about the “joys” of home ownership, many first-time buyers still find themselves surprised by the responsibilities – financial and otherwise – that come with buying a home. Read on to learn the top four things home owners wish they had realized before taking the plunge. You’ll spend more time on ... More

Think Twice Before Spending Big Money On These Home Improvement Projects

Whether you’re planning to sell your home soon or you plan to stay long-term, you may be thinking about investing in home improvement projects to increase your home’s value. Real estate professionals caution that, while projects like kitchen upgrades and exterior door replacements are always solid investments, other projects may weaken ... More

Are You Sabotaging Your Home Ownership Prospects?

Have you been looking for your dream home for ages, but often find yourself frustrated that something always seems to go wrong? If so, it’s time to ask yourself if you may be self-sabotaging the process due to underlying anxieties. Read on to learn whether you’re just talking the talk, or whether you’re truly walking the walk, too. ... More

Three Apps to Simplify Mortgage Payment and Tracking

If you’ve purchased – or refinanced – a home in the past decade, you likely benefited from new technologies that make loan approvals near-instantaneous and comparison shopping a breeze. Now, many consumers are also taking advantage of technology to pay their monthly mortgage, track progress and spec out desired payoff schedules. The ... More

Afford Your Dream Home By Using Quick Fixes to Trim Your Spending

The road to home ownership can be paved with frustration if you have trouble saving for a down payment or closing costs. For most people, getting a raise or taking on more work is no simple feat, so it’s wise to focus on trimming spending from your existing budget instead. The following tips are quick, easy and may just help you reach your ... More

Take These Three Steps To Help Ensure Mortgage Loan Approval

As lenders have tightened restrictions on mortgage loans in order to protect their assets, it has become integral for prospective homeowners to take steps to maintain optimal financial health in order to qualify for home loans with satisfactory terms. The following tips may help buyers avoid bumps in the road in the pursuit of the American ... More

Avoid These Common Mortgage Mistakes

Financial security is paramount when taking out a mortgage, since it is likely to be the largest debt load you’ll ever carry. Protect your financial – and emotional – investments in your dream home by avoiding the following common mortgage mistakes. Stretching Yourself Too Thin Do you know someone who is “house poor?” That is, ... More