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Pay Off Debt and Save For A Down Payment At The Same Time

Many a prospective homeowner has been frustrated by long-term debt that seems to quash any hope of saving enough for a down payment on a home. In fact, among renters who wish they could own a home, debt is cited as the number one roadblock to doing so. Debt payments, especially of the high-interest variety like credit cards, can eat up a ... More

Tips For Getting the Most Bang For Your Home Improvement Buck

If you’re updating your home strictly to suit you own personal comfort, needs or taste, you likely aren’t overly concerned with how the projects may affect the resale value of your home. However, if you’ve got a mind to move in the future, it’s worth considering which home improvement projects can help you get the most bang for your ... More

Don’t Pay Your Mortgage Off Early: Here’s Why

Conventional wisdom often focuses on the many benefits of paying off your consumer debts as quickly as possible. Couple that with the fact that owning a home outright is an important milestone for many Americans, and you have a generation of homeowners working hard to pay their mortgage loans off early. While a home is certainly a valuable ... More

Are You Making These Auto Loan Mistakes?

Purchasing a new or new-to-you automobile can be a highly emotional decision for consumers, especially those who love the instant gratification of walking into a dealership, making a deal and driving home in a new set of wheels. However, smart financial decision-making should never take a backseat, as it could harm your finances over the ... More

Be Prepared For These Common Home Ownership Surprises

There are many true joys of home ownership, especially if you’ve found yourself in your first-ever home. However, first-time buyers often find themselves surprised by the responsibilities – financial and otherwise – that come with buying a home. The following are the top four surprises new homeowners wish they had realized before taking ... More

Understand Negotiation Tactics For Landing the Home of Your Dreams

For many prospective homebuyers, the most intimidating part of the home purchase process may be negotiating the sale price with the seller or the seller’s agent. If you’re working with a real estate agent, they will likely do quite a bit of the “dirty work” of negotiation. Still, it’s wise to understand negotiation tactics to ensure ... More

Buying vs. Renting in Retirement

The decision of whether to buy or rent a home is one you’ll be faced with through many phases of life, but perhaps the most confusing phase is that of retirement. For those who have owned a home for decades, the idea of renting can seem foreign, even if it offers benefits. For those who were always accustomed to renting but may be ready to ... More

Four Signs You’re Truly Ready To Buy A Home

Let’s face it – it’s fun to dream about the future and that perfect first home, but actually taking this momentous financial step will likely be one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make. It can also be an extremely daunting and stressful process for some prospective buyers – especially those who aren’t quite ready to take the ... More

Ask This Question When Buying a New Construction Home

Since 2015, sales of new construction homes have been surging at incredible rates. Likewise, builders are working to keep up with the increased demand by producing new construction options more quickly than ever. Of course, with an increase in demand comes an increase in price. In 2016, the average cost of a brand new home was $351,000. ... More

How To Conquer the Challenge of Saving For A Down Payment

Do you dream of buying a home but find yourself feeling defeated by the struggle to save enough for a down payment? If so, you’re not alone. Under current economic conditions, the days of a 20 percent down payment are long gone, and many Americans struggle to save even 5 percent of their dream home’s purchase price. Many find themselves ... More